Body Trimming for Men

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Nowadays, a lot of men shave or wax part of their bodies in order to feel confident about themselves, to perform their favourite activities or to please their loved ones.

However, some part of the bodies can be difficult for various reasons, and I have noticed an increasing demand of trimming some body areas.

It is even possible to mix techniques and have some parts (ie. the back) trimmed, while waxing other parts (ie. underarm / intimate areas).

You will find a whole range of Body Trimming Services and of course, feel free to make your own suggestions !

Everyone is different and my only purpose is your satisfaction.

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Body Trimming
Trimming for Men
Back Full
Shoulders incl.
40,- chf
Back Simple
25,- chf
Chest Full with Belly
40,- chf
Shoulders & Underarm incl.
Chest simple with Belly
25,- chf
1/2 Back or Chest
15,- chf
1 Zone or small area
Arms Full
30,- chf
Underarm incl.
Arms Simple
20,- chf
1/2 Arms
10,- chf
10,- chf
Legs Full
40,- chf
Bikini Line + Pube incl.
Legs Simple
30,- chf
1/2 Legs
20,- chf
Bikini Line + Pube
25,- chf
Full Body Trim
130,- chf
All Parts Mentioned incl.
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"In case you must cancel your appointment, please do so in advance so as to avoid billing of the initial value of treatment. If you come late to your appointment, the duration of treatment will have to be shortened accordingly. All subscriptions have a validity of 6 months of date of purchase."

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