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Can Stress Cause You To Lose your Hair ?

Can Stress Cause You To Lose your Hair ? It’s a desire that we all have healthy hair – particularly girls. However, with so much chemical impurities within our everyday lives, our hair take the most harm without us getting noticed until we start to lose our hair, their thickness and begin seeing damaged hair. […]

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The 17 Handiest Products You Need Right Now

From specialrings that’ll hold your nail polish, to outlets that morph into nightlights, we’ve tracked down seventeen of the handiest products on the market you’ll want to own right now. We hope you find these 17 products as handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words may receive a share of sales from links on […]

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6 DIY Beauty Hacks Thatll Make You Feel Sexy Beyond Belief

Not every girl out there was blessed with a body oh-so-feminine and curves to die for but that doesnt change the fact that all girls want it. Popularized by the gorgeous Armenian beauty Kim Kardashian, the hourglass shape took Kate Moss skinny ideal down from the throne, and encouraged all the curvy girls to embrace […]

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13 Things She is Too Strong To Ask For but…

1. Attention.She’s not going to beg you to hang out with her orsend you ten texts in an hour. She’s not going to nag you until you give her everythingshe deserves. She wants your attention— but she wants you to giveit willingly. 2. Comfort.She’s the type that escapes to the bathroom to cry. So if […]

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use of vaseline

16 Amazing Uses For Vaseline

  You might use vaseline for chapped lips, but the truth is that it can be used for countless small tasks around your house and can help with skin issues as well. via: Boredom Therapy You might know a couple of these, but there are many, including one that’s Halloween-pumpkin-related, that will surely be news […]

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