IPL Prices

IPL Prices
IPL Prices Women
By Radiancy ® Price per session
59,- chf
Radiancy IPL ®
Regular Bikini
68,- chf
Brazilian Bikini
120, chf
Lips not incl.
Underarm + Reg. Bikini
119,- chf
Half Leg
139~239 chf
Full Leg
339~539 chf
Half Arm to Full Arm
159~289 chf
Underarm incl. with Full
Touch up on any Zone
5 chf
Price per 1x Flash
Test IPL (Radiancy) ®
2 Flashes + Health Questionnaire
IPL Prices Men
By Radiancy ® Price per session
Back / Shoulders / Neck Line
619,- chf
IPL Radiancy ®
Back only
429,- chf
Shoulders only
249,- chf
Neck Line only
112,- chf
269,- chf
189,- chf
89,- chf
Full Arm
349,- chf
Underarm incl.
289,- chf
Regular Bikini
149,- chf
Regular Bikini with Back Line
239,- chf
Full Legs
589,- chf
Test IPL (Radiancy) ®
2 Flashes + Health Questionnaire


Intense Pulse Light IPL

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"In case you must cancel your appointment, please do so in advance so as to avoid billing of the initial value of treatment. If you come late to your appointment, the duration of treatment will have to be shortened accordingly. All subscriptions have a validity of 6 months of date of purchase."

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