Waxing for Men in Geneva

Waxing for Men in Geneva  


Hello Gentlemen, Welcome to Point- Beauté



The male Brasilian wax? Yes, it’s no longer gender-specific!

Now guys can easily profit of longer-lasting hair removal even in their most intimate area. So if you’re a man new this globe, and do not recognize what to expect, right here is a detailed rundown for waxing underneath the boxers.

How Should I Prep myself ?

Be clean. Come newly showered. If you are just out of the office, that’s fine. A little sweat won’t deter us, so just be confident.

Be dry. Sanitation is appreciated, but please skip on the lotion, you’ll improve outcomes if your skin is less oily.

Be hairy. Your hair should be at least 0.25 inches in length (which makes it long enough to lay flat on your skin). Please don’t shave for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your visit to ensure that your hair is long enough! Additionally, if you have actually ‘let it go’ down there and it seems out of control, do not stress! The specialist will certainly cut any longer hairs to the appropriate length prior to the removal process.

Be comfy. If feasible, wear loose garments that day to protect against irritation in the post-wax phase.

Be Cool. Supposedly the more relaxed your muscles are, the much better your hair removal results will certainly be!

Is the procedure painful ?

It is quite painful while the hair is being pulled because the roots are living cells. However, when done you will not fee any discomfort. You will only have some redness on the area which is normal, but you will be able to carry daily activities and even have shower when you get home. Such redness lasts a few hours and goes. You will not need special post or pre-treatment care or lotion.

The final result is what counts and you will not be sorry you had a Brasilian wax  !

However, if you are anxious because you never had any waxing done before, I offer a tolerance-test. It lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, and I will apply hot wax on small areas, including on other body or face parts if you wish to experience prior to deciding if this treatment is for you.

The test cost chf 20,- and it will be refunded to you if you decide to continue the procedure or if you decide to take a waxing appointment at a different time.

Exactly what Should I Anticipate?

Eliminate garments. You will be asked to remove your underclothing in a treatment room. By removing your underclothing you shield your apparel as well as supply ideal working conditions so that the technician can get all of the excess hair! Guys are additionally offered the option of a non reusable thong to use during the therapy.

Prep the location. Your specialist will certainly cleanse the location to do away with possibly unsafe germs that may exist on your skin.


Your technician will examine the hair length, and trim correctly for security applications along with your inclination. She will also ask you about just what areas you would certainly such as to leave hair and the amount of it you would like to leave.

The fun part, getting rid of the hair. Your specialist will certainly carry out the real waxing.


After you are as bare as you wish to be, you will feel so proud that you did it!

Fine-tuning. Your technician will certainly offer a mirror for you to view the result and the approval of your brand-new ‘do’ as well as check for any sort of stray hairs!

You’re done. You are finished and prepared to tackle the rest of the day! (Oh, please bear in mind to dress prior to leaving the room!) And keep in mind, If this is a new ‘thing’ for you, treat your ‘Brasilianised’ bikini like you would certainly any type of other hairstyle, attempt it out for a few days then decide!

Explanations Why Men Get a Male Brasilian or Bikini Wax at all, you may ask ?

Men who shave are now deciding to stay clear of the scratchy ‘five o’clock shadow’ and opt for a longer-lasting, smoother solution.

Swimmers and body-builders have a tendency to get all of their body hair got rid of, specifically prior to competition.

Personal choice, some people hate body hair as much as some women do !

Waxing for Gentlemen with Hot Wax, all disposable Material

Waxing Men (Body)
Waxing Body
45~80 chf
1/2 Back to Full with Shoulder
45~80 chf
Chest to Full Front Area incl. Belly
25,- chf
20,- chf
With Back or any other Zone
Full Arm
75,- chf
Underarm + Hands incl.
1/2 Arm
30~40 chf
With/ without underarm
Fingers or Toes (1 zone)
15, chf
Fingers + Toes
28,- chf
Hands full
25,- chf
Fingers incl.
Feet full
25,- chf
Toes incl.
Hands + Feet
45,- chf
1/2 Legs
45,- chf
Feet / toes incl.
Whole Leg
90,- chf
Up to Bikini line + Feet incl.
Intimate Waxing Men
With Hot Wax Only - No Strips = No Redness !
From simple to full incl. back area
70~85 chf
65,- chf
Full area incl. middle line
Middle line
45,- chf
50,- chf
No middle line
Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Men
IPL by Radiancy ®
Full Back with Upper Arm
Incl. Neck line / Shoulders
619,- chf
429,- chf
Does not incl. Shoulders
249,- chf
Neck line
112,- chf
269,- chf
189,- chf
Abdomen part
Full Arms
249,- chf
89,- chf
289,- chf
Regular Bikini
149,- chf
Regular Bikini
239,- chf
Incl. middle back line (buttock)
Full Legs
589,- chf
Incl. Feet & Toes
Test with IPL (Radiancy) ®
2 Flashes + Health questionnaire


Face Wax Men
The neck line and cheek area. Hot wax + HF treatment : No irritation
35,- chf
Beard Wax
Eyebrow Shaping
35,- chf
Shaping if necessary or modify the structure according to your face.
Eyebrow clean
20, chf
No change of the actual shape, just a good clean up !
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
15,- chf
Nose Wax
15,- chf
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
Package 2
28,- chf
Nostrils + Nose
Package 3
45,- chf
Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean
Full Face Package
70,- chf
Beard + Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean


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"In case you must cancel your appointment, please do so in advance so as to avoid billing of the initial value of treatment. If you come late to your appointment, the duration of treatment will have to be shortened accordingly. All subscriptions have a validity of 6 months of date of purchase."

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