6 DIY Beauty Hacks Thatll Make You Feel Sexy Beyond Belief

Not every girl out there was blessed with a body oh-so-feminine and curves to die for but that doesnt change the fact that all girls want it. Popularized by the gorgeous Armenian beauty Kim Kardashian, the hourglass shape took Kate Moss skinny ideal down from the throne, and encouraged all the curvy girls to embrace their figure and feel wonderful in their skin.

Sure, the love-your-body campaign came with a lot of backlash, too. All the curvy girls who were hiding in the closet, while the skinny dominance ruled the streets and catwalks, now gained confidence and showed what their mama gave them. They started promoting body positivity and beauty in all sizes. And the backlash? It came with the judgmental folk, internet trolls if you will who kept making an effort to shame and discourage these gorgeous women. But, we are here to celebrate the female shape, love and appreciate its every curve.

Just note, being feminine isnt just about the body shape. Its about the womans grace, the way she behaves and carries herself. Most of it is linked to self-confidence, but apart from that, there are a few tricks you can do to make yourself look and feel more feminine.

Heres how:

1. Smile often

Wipe that smirk off of your gorgeous face! Smile often, exude happiness and let those pearly whites shine. Being happy is a definite sign of confidence and femininity, and its sending a message to the world that you are ready for all the daily challenges. With a massive smile on youll melt the hearts of even your biggest critics.

2. Embrace shapewear

Shapewear has always been a big part of feminine wardrobe. However, with the hourglass shape popularized, things have gone more eccentric than ever. Girls now have the option to choose among an amazing array of body shapers fit for every size, shape and occasion and effortlessly mix and match them with their existing pieces of clothing.

The choices are many, but in essence there are three main shapewear silhouettes to rely on:

3. Full body shapers

This type of shapewear is meant to smooth out all the bumps and curves on the body from your bra to below your panty section. All thick girls know that a few bumps of cellulite here and there are completely normal, and full body shapers are there to trick the naked eye. Full body shapers are worn with your own bra. Just as a good shaper will do wonders for your body, a good-fitting bra will do just as much to flatter your figure.

4. Brief shapers

This one is the most popular shaper for quite some time now. It is waisted and its giving your tummy and bottom the right support. Depending on the style, these shapers can include upper leg and upper torso shaping too, which is amazing for whenever you want to show off your curves in that gorgeous body-con dress youve just purchased.

Generally, these garments offer excellent shaping and versatility which is why they can be worn under virtually any outfit. If you like wearing shorter hemlines but you still want your figure smooth, opt for panty cut styles, that do not go down the leg.

5. Cami shapers

Cami shapers are the best option when you dont want to wear a shaper on your lower half, but you still want to smooth out your back or waist. With this model your lower back and tummy will be pressed and evened out, and youll get a seamless look across the back of your bra band. Magical!

NOTE: When you are choosing a shaper, make sure you stay within your own size and shape. Never go for a size smaller or bigger hoping to achieve a thinner figure youll just achieve a contra-effect.

6.Dont shy away from makeup

Natural beauty is very important, sure. And, really you dont need to slap on tons of makeup to look your best, but only enhance your best features. A little bit of bronzer on the cheekbones, lip gloss/lipstick on the lips for a cute pout, a bit of mascara to make your eyes pop and you are done! Light makeup will soften up your face and give it a gentler feel.

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