Beard Depilation

Beard Depilation with Wax


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Do you consider waxing your beard ? Or rather the neck line where the razor hurts and gives theses nasty bumps, in spite of your many efforts with different razors and lotions in order to calm the redness and irritation.

Well, I have good news for you !

I know that many barbier shops do not propose this service and even fewer beauticians offer this service to their customers.

At Point Beauté, all depilation and waxing services are there in order to meet your needs and give you full satisfaction.

We have served a great number of male customers since 2005, and this include waxing of the beard, ears, nose and any other body part as well.

I understand that if you have visioned some dramatic Youtube video you may be cautious about going to a salon in order to to have your precious neck-line or cheeks waxed.

You may fear that someone will tear your face in the process; but do not worry ! A professional will only give you a great experience because she knows her products, accords her gestures and will do her very best in order to give you the sophisticated look you are looking for. 

So, do not fear and book an appointment or ask us any question you may have : 079 450 79 69

In order to avoid any irritation, we only wax the neck-line and the cheek area, but we can adapt depending on your hair texture and line.

Find out about Intimate Waxing for Men

Face Wax Men - Prices in CHF
The neck line and cheek area. Hot wax + HF treatment : No irritation
Beard Wax
Eyebrow Shaping
25 / 35,-
Shaping if necessary or modify the structure according to your face.
Eyebrow cleaning
No change of the actual shape, just a good clean up !
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
Nose Wax
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
Package 2
Nostrils + Nose
Package 3
Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean
Full Face Package
Beard + Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean


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