Crystal Lips Are The New Beauty Trend To Make You Look Like A Stone-Cold Fox

Not too long ago, we introduced to you the insane geode wedding cake craze.

You know, those crystal-encrusted confections that basically put Mariah Careys 35-carat engagement ring to shame?


Well, if you thought those bougie wedding cakes were pretty impressive, youll be glad to know that sparkly stones arent just for decorating desserts these days.

We just came across a new way to incorporate geodes into your everyday look that rocks. Literally.


Crystal lipstick is the shiny new makeup trend taking Instagram by storm, and lots of womenare recreating this ravishing, stone-inspired look right on their lips.

If youre looking to add a little bling to your fall beauty routine


youll be glad to know that Crystal Lips are having a serious moment.


Lately, weve seen lots of Insta-famous beauty bloggers ditch the classic red lipstick for a variety of semi-precious pouts.


You can embrace your inner Medusa by turning your smile into stone


Loading your lips with glittery gemstones


Rocking a crystalized kisser


Giving your mouth a marble makeover


Turning heads with a jaw-dropping jeweled grin


or addinga touch of amethyst to your everyday look.


Seriously, this mineral makeup trend is guaranteed to make you look like a stone-cold fox.


Plus, it doesnt hurt that these lips look fabulous AF alongside a matching marble mani.


Theres really no wrong way to get in on this gorgeous geode-inspired lip trend


so grab some pretty pebbles and start playing around with this edgy style.



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