Dyes Bleaching

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For those who can not or do not want to epilate certain areas of the face and/or body, it is possible to discolour the hair. 

However, the process uses a product containing hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes, which is also used in hairdresser salons.

If you have never done hair dyeing or hair bleaching, we will gladly offer you an allergy test in order to avoid any unnecessary risk. The cost of the anti-allergy test will automatically be credited to you if you reserve a session for bleaching.

Body Bleach / Dyes - Prices in CHF
Pubic Hair
Pubic Hair Dye
Black / Brown / Mix Color Available
Anti-Allergy Test
5 min. Result after 24 hours
Body Bleaching
Bleach Zone 1
1 Zone = Belly / Back / Buttocks / Half-Leg or Full Arm
Bleach Zone 2
2 Zone = Full Leg / Back + Buttock or Back + Belly
Bleach Zone 3
1 Extra Zone added
Anti-Allergy Test
5 min. Result after 24 hours
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"In case you must cancel your appointment, please do so in advance so as to avoid billing of the initial value of treatment. If you come late to your appointment, the duration of treatment will have to be shortened accordingly. All subscriptions have a validity of 6 months of date of purchase."

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