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Beautiful Feet with Shellac and O.P.I. is not a luxury anymore…

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Every decade or so, someone comes up with an great, brilliant yet simple discovery. A defining moment in human history, where inspiration meets creativity, join to bring ahead a potential product or service, or change the way most of us are used to doing.

O.P.I GelColor and Shellac by CND are indeed part of such creation and major change in Nail Polishing.

O.P.I. GelColor and Shellac by CND are tailor made for those who have not yet heard about it is a combination of a gel nail enhancement and nail lacquer (polish) which leaves customers with an outstanding manicure that can last so long as 14 days and still look vibrant without chipping or fading.

Spas and salons around the world are up to fulfill the huge demand for gel polishes. With GelColor release of O.P.I. and Shellac by CND, the buzz was created around those outstandingly revolutionary gel polishes.

Excited salon clients are seeking out these miracle manicures, and salons are now tasked with getting their hands on O.P.I. GelColor and Shellac by CND as an alternative replacements to previous procedures such as traditional gels and acrylics.

Semi-permanent gel polishes are becoming one of today’s fastest growing nail trends indeed. Quickly, non-messy-non-smelly and easy to apply, soak-off gel polish such as O.P.I. GelColor and Shellac by CND have been covered nation-wide by news stations, fashion fairs and trade magazines alike. It is NOW Time For You to Try it.

Foot Care  Treatments &  Gelcolor O.P.I. GelColor / CND Shellac


Pedicure - Prices in CHF
All range of Foot Treatment
Pedicure No. 1
Spa Treatment & Nail Polish or Natural Finish
Pedicure No. 2
Nails & OPI or Shellac semi-permanent
Pedicure No. 3
Spa Treatment & OPI or Shellac Semi-Permanent
With French
+ 10,-
With O.P.I. Gelcolor ou Shellac
Nail Polish Only
No pedicure
Removal of Gel
O.P.I. Gelcolor ou Shellac - 20 min.
Removal on Feet OPI/Shellac
FREE with a new Application
Removal of Nails (Gel or Acrylic)
Including Nails done in another Salon
Simple Nail Care after Removal
OPI, Shellac or Artificial Nails
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"In case you must cancel your appointment, please do so in advance so as to avoid billing of the initial value of treatment. If you come late to your appointment, the duration of treatment will have to be shortened accordingly. All subscriptions have a validity of 6 months of date of purchase."

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