Hair raising! The return of the perm !

The trend responsible for some of the 80s most memorable barnets is back. But fear not the modern look is less Deirdre Barlow, more a tumble of soft waves

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everybody wants the opposite of the hair they have. Those with bountiful curls are wont to straighten them to a crisp, while the rest of us crimp and twist, chasing waves via diffusers, tongs, curl creams and, lately, perms.

Thats right, the trend responsible for some of the 80s most memorable dos is making a return to the terror of many who are still scarred by their own perm-disasters. But fear not: the perm, which for many still conjures images of Neighbours-era Kylie Minogue, or Coronation Streets Deirdre Barlow,has had an update. Long gone are the tight, brittle waves, as seen on peak-perm Barbra Streisand; the modern perm or the new-wave perm, as it has been dubbed is an altogether gentler look.

The Argentinian model Mica Argaaraz , the new face of Zara. Photograph: tienne Laurent/EPA-EFE

Its definitely more than beachy waves, but not quite corkscrew, and it has captured fashions collective imagination. On the catwalk, Gucci and Celine had a number of curly-haired models walking in their spring/summer 2019 shows, while the current face of Zara ever a yardstick is the curly queen Mica Argaaraz. Emma Stone kickstarted the trend for celebrity perms last year when her makeup artist posted mid-perm pictures to Instagram, quickly followed by fellow actors Jaime King and Olivia Munn. On TV, lawyer Marcia Clarks perm became a subplot in The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, before Daisy Haggard sported loose waves in the BBCs Back to Life and Natasha Lyonnes curl-tastic hair was named as the real star of Russian Doll. In the past week, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Priyanka Chopra and the model Taylor Hill all wore waves on the Cannes red carpet. Men, too, are getting in on the act, with Game of Thrones fans citing the Jon Snow effect as the reason behind renewed male interest in curls.


Natasha Lyonnes hair was named as the real star of Russian Doll. Photograph: Netflix







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