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Why do we have Cellulitis and How to get Rid of it ?

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In cases of poor blood or lymphatic circulation, the cells no longer function properly, thus giving the skin a rough appearance. Cellulite is caused by deposits of fat directly in the cells that struggle to eliminate them. Cellulitis can be present on the legs, arms, abdomen and other parts of the body.

Fortunately, there is a new technology to deal with this abnormality: Full-Body Pressotherapy.

This treatment allows a state-of-the-art way to detoxify naturally, safely and most importantly, very pleasantly! The treatment includes a computer-controlled pressure element, and boots that encompass the entire leg as well as a jacket to take care of arms, back and belly. This device has five compression chambers that massage the legs continuously and at an optimal setting, adapted to each person.

This treatment is inexpensive and very effective in fighting water retention in the legs, apparent veins and cellulite.

For best results, it is advisable to do a ten to thirty sessions, depending on individuals, spaced from 3 to 7 days; And follow a maintenance regimen of one session every three weeks after the end of treatment, in order to retain all its good effects.

Usually the treatment does not last more than 40 minutes and is a real moment of deep relaxation.

Pressotherapy will help your blood circulation and help you decrease the swelling due to water retention in the body. It also serves to better eliminate toxins and to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This whole process helps to metabolise body fat naturally and without side effects or pain.

As with all technologies, Infrared Pressotherapy has certain contraindications for people with deep venous thrombosis, proven heart failure and infection in the legs. If in doubt, consult a physician before treatment. A trained and professional beauty practitioner as well as a beautician, will be able to meet your request is an anti-cellulite treatment.

All the advantages of this method are well known to thalassotherapy resorts and Spas that have been using Pressotherapy for decades; Simply because it is effective and reliable.

Massage & Pressotherapy - Prices in CHF
With Full Costume
Discovery Session
Full 40 min. session
10 Sessions Package
+ 1 Free Session
20 Sessions Package
+ 3 Free Sessions
1 Session
Full 40 min. session
Light Massage
15 min. after session, with warming anti-cellulite lotion or oil
Relaxing Massage Ladies - Prices in CHF
With Weleda Oil
Full Body Massage
60 min.
Back or Body Massage
30 min.
10 Massages = 1 of your choice

Special Offer 2020 :

With a 10 Session Package = 2 Free Sessions

With a 20 Session Package = 5 Free Sessions



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