Microneedling NeedlinPen Ⓡ Facial

What is Elementals Microneedling NeedlinPen Ⓡ ?

“You’ll notice a glowy complexion & new plumpness to your skin”


“Four microneedling sessions produced up to a 400% increase in collagen & elastin six months after completing treatment”


“Done regularly, microneedling will make your skin act like it did in your 20s—it’ll be thicker, it’ll glow, it’ll have the most beautiful tone & texture”


It is amazing! But the new generation has entered the scene with the facial Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ. The result is really stunning !

This treatment will give you a fresh complexion. More and more women as well as men are looking for an alternative that works in facial treatments.

Microneedling Elementals is famous as an anti-aging treatment.  
Microneedling Ⓡaction mode is based on a simple yet complex idea: The device stimulates the skin by making micro stings. Thus the skin enables a greater collagen and elastin production. The skin becomes firmer and more radiant as a result because of this “micro-agression”.
Additionally, the treatment stimulates local blood flow, thus flattens small wrinkles, evens pores and helps eliminate acne scars. It also helps with brown spots on the face, neck and on the hands.
With Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ it is possible to act on certain areas of the face, neck and hands regardless of what your skin type is. It also gives great results on skin aged by sun exposure.
What is different with the Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ  method ?
Indeed, you have seen many offers appear lately. All medical practices and many beauticians offer Microneedling treatments to their customers. But with Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ, we can guarantee maximum safety with the device used: The NanoPen. This perticular Pen does not carry needles, but a tampon with microscopic silicone pyramids. To give you an idea of ​​the dimensions: a normal hair is about 80 micrometers in diameter. The tip of the silicone pyramids used with the NanoPen have a diameter of 10 micrometers.
This enables the micro-channels in the epidermis (skin) to be painless and without annoying side effects, and it increases by 5 times the the transportation of active substances up to a size of approx. 70 micrometers as compared to a topical application.
This equals to the same efficiency of classical microneedling, but contrary to classical treatment, it does not provoke notable skin irritations which are annoying and visible (long-lasting redness), and as a consequence thre is no down-time during the treatment. And since the treatment with Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ is painless, it will not require the usage of anesthesic cream which are costly and which require a medical prescription.

To summarise, with Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ and the NanoPen you are granted to a complete regenerating skin treatment without any hassle before or after. You will be able to resume to your daily activities immediately once the treatment is finished.

What is the procedure like ?

Each session lasts about 90 minutes :

  • Cleansing
  • Gentle Peeling with AHA acid or mandelic acid for sensitive skins
  • Microneedling with addition of  hyaluronic or vitamin serum
  • Cooling mask
  • LED photobiostimulation (20 minutes)
  • Moisturer with solar protection
MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ Facial - Prices in CHF
MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ Facial
90 mins. with LED application (20 min)
MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ Neck / Décolleté
90 mins. with LED application (20 min)
MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ Mani
90 mins. with LED application (20 min)
3 sessions with MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ
Cure: Face / Décolleté / Mani
6 sessions with MicroNeedlinPen Ⓡ
Cure: Face / Décolleté / Mani


Immediate Benefits :

  • Improved collagen & elastin production
  • Better texture & regeneration of skin
  • Smoothing of wrinkles
  • More bright complexion​
  • Non-surgical and non-invasive​

How many sessions do I need ?

Although the majority of people will see results after 1 session already, 3 to 6 sessions (with at least 3 weeks between each session) are recommended for best results.

Does it hurt ? Are there nasty side-effects ?

  • The treatment is painless because it does not provode micro- lesions as it is the case with classical microneedling 
  • You will not need anesthesic cream (medical prescription only)  and thus you will not have embarrassing redness
  • Once the treatment is finished, you will be able to resume your daily activities and return to work 
  • Please avoid sun or use of a sauna during 48 hours after treatment completion. It is most beneficial to let the skin absorb the goodness it has receives as well as rest  

Quelles sont les contre-indications au Microneedling Elementals Ⓡ ?

People with these conditions should not get microneedling:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • active acne, rosacea or other skin conditions
  • autoimmune diseases
  • active herpes
  • people taking anticoagulants or aspirin
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