Nostril Waxing

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Should we wax the nostrils ?

The simple answer is YES ! Let me explain : We should wax these annoying hairs popping out of our nose, yes the ones you battle with, with those tiny scissors or trimmers.

If done professionally, the waxing of nostrils is not painful and will not affect the sensitive part which is the inner part, which will not be touched by the wax.

We have several customers doing this routinely – Ladies and Gentlemen – who find this solution leaving them at peace with their nose for many weeks !

The procedure itself takes about 5 minutes and can be done by itself or with any other treatment you desire.

We use only the best hot wax, specially forumulated for facial area and then apply a soothing lotion in order to eliminate all bacteria and redness.

You will not want to touch the tiny scissors or trimmer again, unless you are on a vacation and do not know where to look.

Do not hesitate longer if you wish to get rid of you nostril hair, but also the ears (for gentlemen), as well as any sensitive part of your face where you have unwanted hair.

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Find out about Intimate Waxing for Men

Face Wax Men - Prices in CHF
The neck line and cheek area. Hot wax + HF treatment : No irritation
Beard Wax
Eyebrow Shaping
25 / 35,-
Shaping if necessary or modify the structure according to your face.
Eyebrow cleaning
No change of the actual shape, just a good clean up !
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
Nose Wax
With hot wax + Soothing lotion : No redness
Package 2
Nostrils + Nose
Package 3
Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean
Full Face Package
Beard + Ears + Nostrils + Eyebrow Clean
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