Phototherapy LED

Phototherapy is a “Light-emitting diode” LED light therapy that allows to carry out100% natural beauty treatments  for rejuvenation of the skin.

In fact, LED light interacts with the cells and stimulates them to produce new fibres of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for maintaining the skin together, by emitting certain wavelengths right into the skin. Numerous studies have shown that    arrow-right-4LED Phototherapy can be used for the following treatments:  

  • Photo-Rejuvenation
  • Treatment of pigment spots
  • Acne Scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Shine of complexion
  • Maintenance of the skin due to activation of collagen and elastin fibres.

Questions / Answers:

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What is LED? How is the color function different color?

arrow-right-12LED is the abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, it is made with the particular wavelength due to its choice of specific colours.

LED lights are commonly used in household electrical appliances, as well as in road traffic. In fact, they are everywhere and you probably have them at home.

However, as a beauty implement we always pay attention to the selection of the wavelength and the power emitted by each LED light in order to properly target its maximum benefits for treatments of the skin .

Does the LED light have an influence on the eyes?

A LED light as such does not have the power to affect direct vision. On the other hand, it is always very unpleasant to have a luminous radiation on the face and this is the reason why we cover the eyes with protective goggles and cottons during the Bio-Light Phototherapy treatment.

In addition, Bio-Light LED system does not use thermal energy. It is therefore 100% nice and safe.

Is it possible to apply an LED treatment all over the body?

Yes, it is quite possible, or at least on several parts of the body. Our Bio-Light LED Phototherapy System is equipped with 1260MSD (MSD LED = lamps producing only luminescence, not thermal energy) lamps and its treatment surface is 50cm x 30cm, modular. This makes it possible to treat areas such as the face, but also the complete back, the décolleté, the hands, the buttocks as well as lower limbs.

What is the duration of a treatment per zone?

Ideally one should take advantage of the beneficial sunlight about 30 minutes a day for biological reasons and this is not always possible. But we know that light is at the very origin of life! Optimal Bio-Light LED treatment lasts 20 minutes per session and can be applied one to two times per week depending on your needs and areas to treat. 

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How does Bio-Light LED treatment work? arrow-left-12 

First of all, we examine the skin and determine with you your needs and the length of the cure. Before the treatment, you remove your jewellery. The beautician cleans the area to be treated and then applies the Bio-Light LED.

Just have to relax and let yourself go. At the end of treatment, we apply a Colway collagen 100% bioactive adapted to your needs (Native, Gold, DNA), as well as a moisturising lotion.

This treatment can be combined with a face treatment of your choice: Purifying, cleansing, relaxing, facial massage, as well as with your facial hair removal, upper lip, eyebrows.

It combines at will and you come out refreshed, refreshed, and especially without redness!

Is Bio-Light treatment painful?

Bio-Light LED lighting system is painless, and there is no heat sensation due to the fact that the lamps are arrow-right-1 LED-MSD. This system is completely innovative and suitable for the skin.

Nota Bene: Bio-Light Phototherapy treatments are recommended and very beneficial for the greater number of people as they do not cause any discomfort, and are actually healthy. However, as with most good things, there is a contraindication for people who suffer photosensitivity.

Additionally, it can not be used in the following cases: skin inflammation due to acne, lesions, erythema, recent solar exposure, burning, allergy caused by cosmetics, inflammation of the mucous membranes, pregnant or lactating women .

At Point Beauté, we are pleased to be able to offer you this innovative beauty treatment adapted to an ever increasing demand.


Facials - Prices in CHF
Facial Care
Express Face Care (60 min.)
Cleaning, peeling, ozone, mask, serum.
Deluxe Facial (90 min.)
Cleaning, peeling, ozone, mask, serum. Eyebrow shaping, upper lip, massage.
Soin LED Express (45 min.)
Cleaning, peeling, 25 min. with Biolight LED.
LED Facial Deluxe (60 min.)
Cleaning, peeling , mask, + 25 min. Biolight LED.
Specific LED (100 min.)
Cleaning, peeling , mask, massage + 25 min. Biolight LED.
AHA Peeling (60 min.)
Rosselet Cosmetics + massage, mask
Face Massage (40 min.)
Cleaning, massage with specific oil.

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