Teen applies flawless makeup, tosses in invaluable life advice for you as well

If you’re looking for some life advice (and a new beauty routine), look no further.

After being body shamed by a friend, 16-year-old Sydnie Adams from New Orleans, Louisiana, posted a video on Twitter applying flawless, glamorous makeup.

Adams told her friend that she wanted to get some ice cream, to which her friend told her she shouldn’t eat because she has been “gaining a little weight.”

“I am done with the buffoonery,” Adams says, adding “if I don’t ask for your opinion, don’t give it to me.”

Adams is the perfect role model for anyone who:

  1. Doesn’t let other people’s opinions keep them down.

  2. Never lets anyone get between them and their ice cream.

  3. Wants to learn how to apply perfect, popping highlighter.

She posts tutorials and other videos on her YouTube channel as well.

Thank you, Sydnie you’re our hero.

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