This Japanese Face Wash Broke The Internet And Is Almost Impossible To Get

Its 7 am, and your alarm buzzes shrilly, kicking your behind sharply out of dreamland and into the real world.

You just woke up, and already, the morning isnt going your way.

After stumbling into the bathroom, you reach for the same bland face wash you use every day. But what if itcould be different today?

Cue somedramatic music.

A Japanese brand called Kanebo has officially broken the beauty part of the internet with its Evita Beauty Whip, a face wash that foams out of its container in the shape of a rose.

(Editors note: Itis not the two-star book Evita: The woman with the whip currently being sold on Amazon.)

Is it magic? Is it just really good packaging? Who knows! With the power of the internet, anything is possible.

The chaos first started when Japanese beauty fiends began posting videos of their attempts to make the perfect rose out of foam. Then, everyone had to have it, and the news spread all the way to the West.

Trying to purchase the facial cleanser, however, is a bitof a nightmare. Its sold out on most websites, but you can order it via sea mail (one to three months ship time, literally) or pay a traveler to bring it back from Japan for you.

All this for some $20 rosy foam?

If youre wondering whether the soap itself is worth buying, the answer is probably not.

Its actually a moisturizing foam intended for older women, but Yahoo reports the Beauty Whip feels a lot like any other rose-scented cleanser. It also contains plumping collagen and hydrating royal jelly.

While you wait for beauty sites to restock, please enjoy this delightfully pink commercial from the brand. Its giving me serious flashbacks to the elaborate Barbie commercials of the 90s.

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