Waxing Without Breakouts

Hair removal is the method of hair removal chosen by many women and more and more men, because it is an effective method and that, if done well, it guarantees a clean skin for several weeks.

Nevertheless, post-hair wax inflammation may occur because of bacteria and / or skin sensitivity; and that, on any area that you epilez. But do not panic!

An experienced beautician can answer this problem, or even prevent it, by proposing a method that aims to minimize this inflammation. On your side, you can already prepare your skin a few days in advance to minimize this risk and maximize the effects of your hair removal without pimples.

Step1 Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliating scrub. This will remove dead skin cells, and also helps to ensure a better result. If you do not have an exfoliating scrub, prepare the following mixture: water and sugar or water and salt, to form a paste that you will massage on the skin.

You can decorate this mixture of an essential oil of lavender or Australian tea tree, which have disinfecting and healing virtues. A few drops are enough and you have a scrub 100% natural and non-polluting.

Step 2 Make sure that the beauty salon where you go for your hair removal uses only disposable material (sheets, waxes, spatulas) and that they disinfect the tweezers to avoid bacteria as much as possible. If you do epilez yourself at home, be sure to clean your skin before (water / soap) and to properly moisturize your skin afterwards. Throw all tapes after, because they are not reusable.

Step 3 Apply an astringent to the area immediately after hair removal. A lotion based on witch hazel or Australian green tea will soothe the feeling of warmth and greatly reduce the inflammation that is responsible for pimples after hair removal. 

Step 4 If, despite everything, you have pimples, do not hesitate to have a hydrocortisone-based pomade (“Flucidin” type found in many households) prescribed and apply it only to buttons to make them disappear very quickly. 

Step 5 Avoid touching or scraping the area with your fingers as this will cause even more bacteria. Prefer a moisturizing lotion or gel (witch hazel, aloe vera, Australian tea oil or lavender). The problem should not remain beyond a few days. 

Step 6 After a hair removal session on a large area (back, legs, torso, arm), it is inadvisable to expose oneself to a source of heat that is too strong, such as the sauna, the hot bath or the exercise. very intense sport (too much perspiration is not recommended) for 48 hours. Also avoid all products containing perfume that are very allergenic and contain a lot of chemicals. Think about perfuming your clothes, rather than your skin directly.


At Point Beauté, we have our own methodology in order to minimise the inconvenience of hair removal, and the knowledge to prevent them from occurring. 


The procedure for a flawless waxing procedure: The beautician proceeds as follows to reduce the causes of inflammation and guarantee you a hair removal without inflamation: For all sensitive areas: Face, torso, belly, armpits, bikini, buttocks: Use of hot wax, non-sticky, without strips, disposable wax only.

Less redness, no sticky feeling and optimized pulling. After each hair removal: On all parts of the body or face: Application of a natural anti-bacterial lotion with essential oils. Calms the feeling of heat due to pulling and has a powerful anti-bacterial action. Refreshes. Does not contain alcohol!

On pimples or ingrown hairs: Application of a lotion based on salicylic acid. To dry the problem area (ingrown pimples / hair). The treatment can be followed at home without problems and the results are guaranteed.

After hair removal: Light massage with 100% alcohol-free lotion, perfumes, and body fat. This super moisturising lotion is based on aloe vera, vitamins and algae. Scentless. It allows an immediate sensation of freshness.

Does not stick. Do not stain clothes. Assured well-being and reduced and reduced redness. For very reactive skin: For example, for gentlemen, when there are pimples after several days at the shoulders, back or torso.

Application during and after hair removal, Bio-Light Phototherapy lamp, blue light. This very cold light slows cell production and thus cuts off the proliferation of bacterial germs responsible for the appearance of pimples after hair removal. Eliminates totally redness and feeling of warmth.

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